Dierks Bentley has been doing a lot of celebrating in Nashville lately. First, there was the party for his chart-topping hit "Home" on Monday (April 30), then he took in a hockey game pitting Nashville's Predators against the Phoenix Coyotes at Bridgestone Arena. The Predators won the third game, putting them back in the series that had prior to Wednesday night seen the Coyotes ahead two games to zero.

"When it comes to hockey, I'm a Preds fan," Dierks -- an Arizona native -- admits. "This is my team; all the games I go to are Preds games. That being said, I definitely love the Coyotes. I've always said my teams are the Predators and Coyotes. I've just never been in a position before where they're playing each other. It's hard to have two hometowns!"

When it comes to the success of "Home," Dierks candidly reveals, "I never expected it to be a single, let alone a No. 1 single. 'Home' is one of those songs that has a lot of layers to it. It's not just a verse, chorus, verse, chorus kind of song. It starts in the present moment in an airplane flying west, looking down at our country. Then it goes back to the founding fathers and the first people who crossed the sea, taking that big step to move here for religious freedom and sacrifices. Then you come back to having the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence."

Dierks acknowledges that the tune is a bit different from most songs on country radio these days. "It's slower; it has deeper lyrics," he notes. "It's great to have a song like that to connect with the listeners. It's one of those songs where you know you've got a good one in your back pocket. You get the same reaction when you play it live, every night. The applause and cheers are great, but also feeling the intangible feeling of pride in country and unity."

Dierks was joined at the celebration by his "Home" co-writers, Brett Beavers and Dan Wilson. The event was held at Arnold's, one of Nashville's most popular "meat-and-three" restaurants. Dierks explained that he chose it for the event because it was one of his favorite hangouts when he first moved to Nashville.

Dierks is back on the road with his Country & Cold Cans tour. Keep track of his tour schedule here.

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