Dierks BentleyDierks Bentley hails from Arizona, so he's been watching the recent flap over immigration in that state closely and has his own views on the subject. Having personally worked with immigrants, the singer says he understands both sides of the coin but thinks the key is finding some middle ground. He also feels the media doesn't often accurately portray what the common man is really thinking or feeling around the country.

"Having worked in Arizona many summers, I spent a lot of time with folks from Mexico that work their butts off every day building houses and stuff," Dierks tells CNN. "They're the hardest-working people, and people that Arizona really needs to keep the economy moving forward. So it's a double-edged sword. I understand that there's resources that are being used up that were not going into the system to pay for the hospitals, but at the same time, it's a pretty harsh way to deal with the situation. So I'm hoping a real policy will come out that everyone can kind of be happy with, but I think it's a pretty hardcore, pretty extreme way to approach the situation."

Dierks says as far as he's concerned, there'll be no boycotting on his end since extremes aren't his thing. "I try to find a middle ground in everything I do. You watch TV, and there's a left, and a right and nothing in the middle. But I've toured the country. I hang out with folks every day in my meet-and-greet. I meet a hundred people before the show, or I'm at a bar afterward hanging out, talking to regular folks all the time. I find there's much more of a sense of common ground than you perceive if you just watch the different news channels. There really is a center, and I think in Arizona, they need to find that center."

Fans will have their next chance to meet and greet Dierks when he play Charlottesville, Va., on Thursday, July 15.

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