Dex Romweber Duo have released a new album, 'Images 13.'

The brother-sister team, made up of Dex and Sara Romweber, joined together in 2007. Dex is a veteran of Flat Duo Jets, while Sara was formerly a member of Let's Active. 'Images 13' is their third album together. The new release features an eclectic variety of musical influences, with a touch of country.

“I listened to a lot of music this year that influenced this new record," Dex tells American Songwriter. "J.S. Bach, the Who, the Ventures, Johnny Cash, and these influences can all be heard on 'Images 13.' Our new record is born out of the times when rock 'n’ roll was rock 'n’ roll. It’s mostly no bones about it stripped down drums and guitar. My sister Sara, her drumming abilities have always made my recordings sound better than they might have. We don’t declare ourselves as only one genre …the word versatile comes to mind on this new one.”

The duo may still be fairly unknown in mainstream music, but they have influenced many artists, including Jack White.

"Dex Romweber was and is a huge influence on my music," he says. "I owned all of his records as a teenager, and was thrilled at the fact that we were able to play together recently on tour. [He is] is one of the best kept secrets of the rock 'n' roll underground."

'Images 13' is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.