Noted songwriter and bluegrass performer David Via was seriously injured in a random act of violence prior to a house concert this past Saturday (June 8).

Bluegrass Today reports that Via, who calls his music "blues-grass" and "y'all-ternative" on his Facebook page, was attacked from behind by a stranger as he was greeting fans outside the venue where he was performing. The critically acclaimed songwriter was knocked from the porch, striking his face on the bumper of a truck. He suffered a broken jaw and lost several teeth in the attack.

Later that evening, his assailant reportedly staged another random attack on another stranger several miles away.

Like many independent musicians, Via has no health insurance, and his injuries will prevent him from working for several months to pay the medical bills he has incurred as a result of his attack. The musician and his girlfriend have a year-old daughter, and Bluegrass Today reports that his friends and supporters are asking fans to support him by downloading his latest album, 'All Night Long,' via iTunes or CD Baby. The album features a Who's Who of players, including Dan Tyminski from Alison Krauss and Union Station.