David Nail and his wife Catherine Werne were caught off guard when they learned that he had been nominated for a Grammy Award, but they knew just how to celebrate.

"The president of my record label gave me really nice bottle of wine for my 30th birthday," David tells the Boot of the 2003 Silver Oak Cabernet. "We got married [June 6, 2009] the month after my 30th and we've had all sorts of moments where we said 'Shall we open it? No, let's wait for something bigger.' When I found out I was nominated, we did open it and we each had a glass."

For all the joy over the nomination for Best Male Country Performance for 'Turning Home,' a Kenny Chesney-penned tune, David says he's going through a bit of stress right now as he prepares to attend the Los Angeles-based Grammy Awards on February 13.

"It's very uncomfortable. I've been to a couple places looking at suits and you are sitting there staring at it and discussing it with the salespeople," he says. "You say 'Is this really dressy? Is it nice?' They say 'Where are you going?' When you tell them they say, 'Are you going to be on TV?' I don't know. Is this nice enough for the Grammys but not nice enough to wear if you're on TV? I need the nicest of the nice. This could be my only moment."

Although David's understandably cautious, industry insiders predict the Grammy nomination for the song from his debut album 'I'm About to Come Alive' will raise interest in his soon-to-be-released sophomore album.

"It's funny how the good Lord works," he says. "Things happen and a few months go by and you start to wonder what's next. When something like this happens, it's the ultimate cherry on the sundae."

David is currently on tour, with his next concert scheduled for January 20 in Foxboro, Mass. For more information about his upcoming shows, click here.