"Every now n' then I could use some savin' / From all this trouble I get in," David & Olivia sing to open the first track on their debut EP 'On the Sea,' which they released in May after an appearance at SXSW 2013.

That sets the tone for their unique blend of melancholy blues and country, which they discovered after David Rosales first saw Olivia May singing Janis Joplin onstage at a Hollywood speakeasy. Joplin is one influence, along with the Civil Wars, the Lone Bellow and Johnny Cash, but their sound is unmistakably their own.

The duo went into Crown City Studios in Pasadena, Calif. to shoot the following live video for 'Every Now n' Then (I Could Use a Friend),' which serves as a perfect showcase for their simple, yet mature songcraft and vocal blend.

For more information about David & Olivia, visit their website. Check out 'On the Sea' at iTunes.

Watch David & Olivia's 'Every Now n' Then (I Could Use a Friend)' Video From the Crown City Sessions