Darryl Worley's new album, 'Sounds Like Life,' is aptly titled for the country singer known for songs that are vignettes of life, from 'I Miss My Friend' to 'Have Your Forgotten?' The title cut and current single was written several years ago, but as Darryl points out, "It really speaks to what people are going through with their jobs and families right now."

Darryl says when he signed with his new label, Stroudavarious Records, he had the entire album finished. He went in the studio with his road band, the Krew, and paid the bill himself. "I knew the music was where it needed to be. The people at the label listened to the music and they loved it. That was refreshing, because I didn't have to go through the process of making a lot of changes."

Darryl says he broadened his songwriting horizons on this new album. That's mainly due to two lovely ladies in his life -- his new wife and baby daughter. "I wrote a couple songs I said I'd never write, 'The Best of Both Worlds' and 'Everyday Love.' I've never been one of those sappy love song writers," he says. "Maybe the whole key is if you're writing something that you are living, it's not so contrived," Darryl says thoughtfully.

Darryl boasts a host of special guests on one track, 'Don't Show Up (If You Can't Get Down).' Helping him out on vocals are Jamey Johnson, John Cowan, Bill Anderson, Mel Tillis, John Anderson, Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth, Chris Stapleton of The Steeldrivers, Shaun Murphy from Little Feat and Ira Dean, formerly of Trick Pony.

"We didn't plan that but it's weird how it came about," Darryl explains. "Jamey had agreed to come in and sing on it, and Steve from Smash Mouth was in the studio working and we asked him if he wanted to sing on it. Next thing you know, all these other people were on it too ... There are a lot of cool elements and it's got the new, the old, and the crossover."

'Sounds Like Life' is Darryl's sixth album. He says fans who've been with him since the beginning might be a little surprised, but won't be disappointed. "There are those poignant songs that seem to tug on your heartstrings and make you think about what you're doing in life, and there's some stuff that's a little bit farther off dead center that you wouldn't expect to hear on the radio. Then there are a few songs where people are gonna go, 'Is that really Darryl Worley?'

"I would say the music is all over the place in a very cool way. I think there's some growth here, but at same time we maintained enough of what people have followed for years so they will be pleased too."