When Cyclone Winston hit Fiji in February, country singer Darryl Worley and his wife Kimberly were on the island. Thankfully, they survived and were unharmed, but the island suffered much damage, and many lives were lost. In light of the tragedy, Worley has released a new single, "Rainmaker," with the proceeds benefiting Cyclone Winston relief efforts.

Cyclone Winston hit Fiji on Feb. 20, while Worley, his wife and other country songwriters and country music fans were there for an event called Tunes in the Tropics. According to reports, the storm brought with it 180-plus-MPH winds, and 44 people lost their lives; damage was estimated at around $485 million.

"This storm has changed the island nation of Fiji forever ... it also changed our lives forever," Worley says. "These are defining moments in our lives, and, prayerfully, we take what we should from them ... This experience has reminded me of why we are put here: to do all we can to help those less fortunate than we are and to live every moment like it is a precious gift, because it is. This event brought a whole new meaning to 'count your blessings.'"

Worley wrote and recorded "Rainmaker" following his experiences during the cyclone.

"This song is a little outside the box for me, but thanks to my co-writers, Jay Brunswick and Brock Berryhill, we got something that sounds great and different," Worley notes. "The song itself is not exactly what I thought might come out of this experience, and that's a good thing. I think this song might make people take notice and help us help the people of Fiji."

"Rainmaker" is available for download via iTunes and Amazon; fans can hear a snippet of the tune by pressing play below.

For information on Worley's upcoming shows, visit his official website.

Listen to Darryl Worley, "Rainmaker":

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