Darius RuckerDarius Rucker took the stage at the Osage Million Dollar Elm Casino in Tulsa, Okla., last Friday to the opening beat of 'Forever Road' and the roaring cheers from his adoring fans. "Oh yeah, Tulsa!" he yelled. "We are going to have some fun tonight!"

And what a fun night indeed. Darius kept concertgoers on their feet, launching into his latest No. 1 hit, 'Alright,' as he danced around the stage front.

"So how's everybody doing tonight?" Darius asked the sold-out crowd. "It's Friday the 13th, but that's a good thing, right?" he added with a smile, continuing his set with songs off his 'Learn to Live' album, including the title track, 'Be Wary of a Woman,' 'Drinkin' and Dialin'' and his latest single, 'History in the Making.'

"This is a song I wish I had written right here," Darius noted, as the lights dimmed and Jamey Johnson's CMA Song of the Year, 'In Color,' began to play.

"Where are all the happily married people?" Darius asked. "OK ... this song is not for you. This is for the not-so-happily married people!" He then sang the comical 'All I Want' about divvying things up in a divorce, but all he wants is for her to leave him is alone. "I would like to make the statement that I love my wife very much," Darius said after the song with a grin.

"The show the other night was pretty perfect," Darius said of the CMA Awards, where he walked away with the Best New Artist trophy. "But something was missing ... can I tell you what was missing?" Darius asked before launching into an amped-up, energetic version of Toby Keith's 'God Love Her.' "I love Toby Keith!" Darius exclaimed afterward.

Darius satisfied fans of both his pop and country music careers by singing Hootie & the Blowfish hits like 'Let Her Cry' and 'Hold My Hand,' then revving into classic country hits 'You Never Even Call Me By My Name' and 'Family Tradition.'

"I was put on this earth to be a dad," Darius said, as music plays softly behind him. "I'm sending this next song out to all the parents out there." The room filled with cigarette lighters as the dad of three sang the beautiful ballad, 'It Won't Be Like This for Long.'

"This last year has been amazing for me. Thank y'all for letting me in!" Darius exclaimed, before closing out his show with his country debut, 'Don't Think I Don't Think About It.'

Darius and his band left the stage as the crowd went wild in anticipation of his encore. When the lights came backup, Darius sang an a cappella version of 'While I Still Got the Time,' followed by a full-band performance of one more Hootie & the Blowfish hit, 'I Only Wanna Be With You.'

After being called back out for a second encore, Darius played the Prince hit 'Purple Rain,' which he delivered with raw emotion as purple spotlights softly fell onto the stage.

As he made his final exit, Darius shook hands and thanked his fans. He pulled his ball cap off his head and tossed it into the sea of fans who fiercely grabbed for the souvenir of a night of experiencing a little piece of their own 'history in the making' of this rising country star.