Danny GokeyDanny Gokey is gearing up to release his debut album, 'My Best Days,' on Tuesday (March 2). The former 'American Idol' contestant feels his fans will get to know him after listening to his CD.

"I think there's gonna be a piece and a side they haven't seen," Danny tells The Boot. "They haven't [seen] the artistry yet, inside of me. They haven't seen some of the raw emotion that I've been able to put in this CD. I've been able to be really blunt because this is my own project. It's really about everything coming from the inside."

Danny returns to 'American Idol,' the show that thrust him into the spotlight last year, just two days after his debut album goes on sale. He's set to perform on the live results show airing Thursday (March 4).

The bespectacled singer is currently climbing the country charts with his single, 'My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.'

Danny Gokey on AOL Music