Former Rehab frontman Danny Boone has recorded an emotional cover of "At This Moment," and he's revealing its brand-new music video exclusively to readers of The Boot.

"At This Moment" was originally recorded by Billy Vera & the Beaters in 1981. After being used during several episodes of the show Family Ties in 1985 and '86, the song was re-released and hit No. 1 on Billboard's all-genre Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts, and earned some success on the R&B and country charts, in 1987. The track has sold over one million copies in the U.S.

Mournful steel guitar and Boone's classic vocal delivery help remake "At This Moment" into a modern song with distinctive ties to its original roots. The video for Boone's version of the '80s hit was filmed at Skully’s Saloon, a dive bar located just outside of Nashville, in Old Hickory, Tenn. Dim blue lighting and a captive audience make the video-viewing experience the next best thing to a live show.

"At This Moment" is featured on Boone's upcoming album, Fish Grease Deluxe, which is scheduled to drop on Jan. 15. As the title suggests, it's a deluxe version of his debut solo project, Fish Grease, which was released in June.

Although the Georgia native is relatively new to the solo world, Boone is no stranger to the music industry: He previously released seven studio albums, two remix albums and a live album with Rehab, a Southern rock/hip-hop band he co-founded in 1998. However, now, he is reveling in the freedom that comes with stepping out on his own.

“It does give me the freedom to try some things we hadn’t done,” says Boone. “I just try to write what comes to me. Music doesn’t really have a genre to me. Music is music."