Austin-based band Crooks are giving readers of The Boot an exclusive first listen to their uptempo song "New Mexico."

The song begins with a lonesome whistle that eventually gives way to a full-bodied sound that's unmistakeably Crooks: part country, part conjunto, with hints of mariachi. Though it's lively at first listen, the tune also evokes feelings of loneliness; the yearning lyrics are a stark contrast to the tune's playful sound -- which is exactly what the band was going for.

"How did we get to be / So far away? / How did we get here? / I don't know / But I'll be here / Waiting for you / Back in New Mexico," sings the band's frontman, Josh Mazour.

"We wanted to write a playful yet somewhat lonesome-sounding song about two lost souls who spend their lives chasing each other through the Southwest," Mazour tells The Boot. "Think Marty Robbins meets Sergio Leone, and you're heading in the right direction. I love old Western movies, and I just wanted to kind of recreate that feeling on this song, but in our own musical style."

In addition to Mazour, who provides vocals and guitar, Crooks also includes Anthony Ortiz Jr. on accordion and trumpet, Ryan Goebel on guitar and percussion, Joey McGill on stand-up bass, Doug Day on trumpet and percussion and Joey Bybee on drums.

The band will release a new album, Wildfire, on July 10. The record was produced by Danny Reisch, also the producer behind Crooks' previous album, The Rain Will Come, and is flush with stories of all kinds.

“We didn’t want this record to be about a particular subject matter or to make one specific statement. I think that can get kind of stale,” Mazour says. “There are fictional stories about Western outlaws, apocalyptic dreams and road rage, and truthful songs about heartache, late nights at the bar, depression, life as a touring band and reaching a crossroads in your life. It’s the type of record where you don’t know what to expect next from song to song. And it’s a lot of fun.”

Crooks are currently on the road for a nationwide tour, with dates scheduled through this fall. Their album release show is set to take place on July 11 at Austin's Scoot Inn.

Listen to Crooks, "New Mexico":

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