Craig Morgan worries about Tuesday's (Feb. 28) release of his new album, 'This Ole Boy,' as it was right in the middle of the holiday season. What holiday season, you ask? Well, Tuesday was World Sleeping Day, as the singer-songwriter explains to Taste of Country. (Watch the video here.) And today is, of course, Leap Day, which Craig laments in this exclusive video for The Boot below.

But, in all seriousness, the Tennessee native has high expectations for 'This Ole Boy,' his sixth studio album in an illustrious, decade-long career. "We took our time making this record," he tells The Boot. "I wasn't nervous. I wasn't scared about whether or not something was going to work," he explains. "Vocally, I sang better than I ever have because I took the time beforehand, knowing that I was going in the studio, to make sure I was ready. So a lot of components went into making this record, and I think I made the best record I've ever made ... and maybe the best one I ever make."

Read our full interview with Craig here.

Watch Craig Morgan Discuss Little-Known Holidays

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Watch Craig Morgan Discuss His New Album

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New Album and New Chapter For Craig Morgan