When Craig Morgan gets to town on his 2014 the Journey Tour, he'll be doing something very important before he hits the stage: helping save lives.

Morgan has partnered with Kidde, a residential fire safety products manufacturer, to donate 5,000 smoke alarms to fire departments along his tour route as part of their Be A Safety Hero initiative.

"Ultimately, it's all about saving lives -- that's my goal," the 'Wake Up Lovin' You' singer tells The Boot. "It's hard to do that singing."

Each fire department -- including those in Columbus, Ohio; Austin, Texas; Buffalo, N.Y.; and Morgan's hometown, Dickson, Tenn. -- will then install the alarms in homes in need in the community.

"I have a particular skill set that most country artists -- or most people, but in particular, country artists -- don't have," says Morgan, who spent time as an EMT, paramedic, fire fighter and police officer before breaking into country music. "I can relate to what it is that [fire fighters] are doing and their efforts."

While most of us think of him as a country star, Morgan says his emergency training and experience is "probably a bigger part of who I am than country music."

He adds, "I think I have a career because of it. That stuff definitely impacts my music because that's the lifestyle."

And when he's not on stage and touring, Morgan still enjoys living that lifestyle himself. In fact, he proudly showed us the blisters he got putting the roof on his smokehouse at home.

"I don't hire someone to do that for me. I still do that because I love it," Morgan says. "I still take my garbage out. People make fun of me when I go into Tractor Supply because I've got on all brown clothes and I'm messy, but I'm not going to stop being who I am because of what I do."