Craig Morgan has apparently bonded with good buddy Blake Shelton but has stopped short (so far) of giving any marriage advice to him or his fiancé, Miranda Lambert. Visiting with Country Countdown USA this past weekend, the question was posed of the singer as to whether he had offered the couple any helpful tips.

"Man, I just wish Miranda luck," Craig says with a laugh. "It ain't about Blake. I don't know what she's thinking. She could do so much better. I really question that. I mean, it's Miranda Lambert. What would make her choose Blake Shelton? [laughs] Everybody still laughs at that. You don't wish them luck, you wish her luck. Good luck, honey.

"No, I know they love each other," he continues on a more serious note. "I'm excited for them!"

Craig has put some thought into that but says when it comes to wedding presents, he lets someone else handle that. "I let my wife do most of that stuff. It'll be a real gift for them. They will give a real gift. Blake will get something very interesting."

Craig also shares some wedding advice with Carrie Underwood -- as well as new husband Mike Fisher -- as he has spent the first half of this year out on the road with the recent newlywed. And after listening to Country Countdown host, Lon Helton, play back a tape of Carrie's remarks from the previous week, it was obvious Craig and Carrie belong to a mutual admiration society.

"We're a lot alike," Carrie says of Craig. "He's a great guy. He's so normal. If you ran into him in a grocery store, and started having a conversation over the last bottle of ketchup, you'd never know that he was a country music star. You would never know it, because he's just the most normal guy. He loves his family. He loves his wife and his kids, and we've talked marriage and stuff like that ... He's being really encouraging and saying it's the best thing. I know he told Mike to 'listen to the woman,' ... 'do what she says.' Everything is so positive. He's saying, 'My wife's amazing.'"

"She is such a sweet girl," Craig says, returning Carrie's compliments. "We had a couple of nights where we were on the road and had time off, and we were playing UNO of all things. I got to know more about Carrie over that game of UNO than the whole other time we were on tour together. She and I both are obsessive-compulsive, attention-deficit, so we had a lot in common, we really do. [laughs] I'm grateful that she said that. She's one of the sweetest people. I can say the very same thing, even more so about her. If you ran into Carrie, not knowing who she was, she's just so normal, and just such a sweet girl."

The army veteran recently announced that his 'That's Why: Collector's Edition' is in Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores nationwide.