Emily Robison and Martie MaguireMartie Maguire and Emily Robison -- now known as the Court Yard Hounds -- are debuting new music on their official website, exclusively for fans who pre-order the duo's debut album. With the pre-order option, buyers will be able to download four album tracks immediately and be among the first to participate in exclusive ticket offers for a series of intimate theater shows this spring.

Since announcing their new venture as a duo, the sisters are looking forward to sharing their "new chapter in music" with fans who have followed them since the Dixie Chicks days. Stepping into their own spotlight, without lead singer Natalie Maines, will also be a new experience for two of "country music's most recognizable sidewomen," as they call themselves.

"People do want to figure out: which one are you?" Emily says of the roles they played in the Chicks. "Martie's 'the nice one that smiles,' I'm 'the quiet one,' and Natalie's 'the feisty one.' When you shake things up and make them see you in a different light, it kind of confuses people. So truly, as much as [one of our new songs] 'Then Again' is about me never wanting to shake things up, with age, I've come to this point where I just don't care what people think as much.

"I don't think I could have done this five or 10 years ago with Martie," Emily continues. "I would have been too timid, too shy, too 'Oh no, I can't do that.' Now, I think, if some people don't like it, that's fine. Even if we have just 10 percent of the people who reacted to us before, or only new fans, whatever it is ... we can make something of that."

The Court Yard Hounds will be making their musical debut at this year's South by Southwest concert festival in Austin, with a tour to follow.