Colt Ford's brand-new video for 'Chicken and Biscuits' has some eerie similarities to the hit 'Twilight' series ... though his cinematic storyline certainly generates a lot more laughs. The country rapper's new project is a spoof of the popular vampire chronicles written by Stephanie Meyer, complete with baseball playing bloodsuckers -- or shall we say, fried chicken lovers, werewolves and more.

"'Twilight' is such a great love story, and 'Chicken and Biscuits' is a love song about my wife and all country girls," says Colt, a big fan of the films. "The concept of this video is really funny. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do."

In the video, Colt plays the role of the sullen and mysterious Edward, rescuing Bella in the video parody.

The song marries two of Colt's favorite things, and he cannot get enough of either. "Country women or girl are like super women. You throw a girl from New York City and a girl from North Georgia on a deserted island, and I promise that girl from North Ga. will make it back to the house," Colt tells The Boot. "They can just do everything. They can change the oil on a car. They don't mind having a cold beer. They ain't scared to get in your face if they have to, but they go to church on Sunday and they can cook anything you want, and they're just awesome. They can be tough, they can be mean [and] they can be sweet. They've just got it all. Those are kind of my two favorite things to talk about -- my wife and food."

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