When Chuck Wicks made his first-ever run down the West Coast recently -- from Newport, Ore., down through pretty much all of California -- he experienced a tender onstage encounter he will forever hold dear in his heart. It was a moment in Sacramento, Calif. with a woman who had been fantasizing about the singer's super-sultry ballad, 'Hold That Thought.'

"I always look forward to going out West," Chuck writes in his blog. "This was my bro's first time to a lot of the places we played, like Newport, Ore., and pretty much all of California. If one word could describe last week it would be 'RITA'! Now I have spoken to Rita, who lives in Sacramento, twice over the phone. She loves 'Hold That Thought' and was very excited to see me play it live. So I told her that I would make it extra special just for her.

"Here is the kicker ... ," Chuck continues. "Rita is 77 years old and a sweetheart to a T! I fell in love with her personality and she was living life with a smile."

Rita had called radio station, KNCI in Sacramento a few weeks prior to Chuck's performance there. The morning DJs fell in love with Rita's exuberant personality, listening to her enthuse how much she loved Chuck's steamy song -- and how hot she thought he was! It was then that the morning hosts took it upon themselves to hook Rita up with Chuck by phone, preceding his upcoming appearance at the nearby Stoney Inn.

"When showtime came around, (Rita) was front and center," Chuck continues in his blog. "And when I sang 'Hold That Thought,' I brought her onstage and it was amazing! She knew and sang every word with every emotion she had.

"Here is the other kicker ..." he continues. "She had just lost her husband and was out with her daughter to just enjoy life ... they would have been married 60 years. Wow. Rita, if you're reading this ... God bless you and it was my pleasure meeting you! :) "

"It was one of those moments that renews your appreciation for our format and for artists like Chuck ... who get that one of country's basic appeals is and always will be its approachability and unpretentiousness," says KNCI's Tom Mailey.

Chuck will be the sole country artist representing Nashville, performing at the Los Angeles Chapter Grammy Block Party this Saturday, July 31, in Santa Monica, Calif. to aid the MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief Fund.