Chuck Wicks may not have had the November 4 election date in mind when he recorded his current single "All I Ever Wanted," but one thing he definitely wants is to participate in the election process this year. The singer says that when he was a youngster, and even after he was eligible to vote, his mind was on other things.

"As a kid growing up, I never got heavily involved in politics. I was worried about girls and playin' baseball and goin' to college and that kind of thing," Wicks admits. The singer says that now he's a little older and more mature, his interests have broadened. He's started to look at the world in a little different light and understands that he needs to let his voice be heard.
"Now that I'm 29 years old, you know, you start to care about different things in life and who's gonna run this country for you. So I pay quite a bit of attention to what's goin' on in our country and around the world."

Wicks, who recently wrapped up the Brad Paisley tour, will be off on Election Day, and plans to make a stop at his neighborhood election center. "I'm definitely gonna have a vote and a voice in this one, for sure," he says.

Next up for Wicks will be co-hosting duties on the "Countdown to Country Music's Biggest Night" special with friend and labelmate Jake Owen. The daily five minute shows beginning November 5 will take fans behind the scenes of events leading up to the CMA Awards in
Nashville on
Wednesday, November 12. Joining Chuck and Jake will be former Miss
Ashley Eicher.