Chuck Wicks learned some valuable lessons from his recent tour with Brad Paisley, such as finding new ways to interact with the crowd. But there's one thing he's still getting used to about being a rising country music star.

"I remember the first time I saw someone wearing a Chuck Wicks T-shirt. I wondered why anyone would want to wear my face on their chest," Wicks tells the Gettysburg Times.

He's also learning how to balance his career and his budding relationship with fellow country newcomer Julianne Hough, who's also dancing on TV each week.

"It's tough but you got to work at stuff you want," he says. "We are both extremely busy with our music careers, plus she has 'Dancing with the Stars.' We make it a point to see each other every two weeks, but I try to make it a lot more."

And although Nashville Lifestyles magazine recently picked Wicks as one of their '25 Most Beautiful People,' when he's out in public with his girlfriend he's confident she's the one people notice first.

"She is so beautiful that she would make heads turn even if she wasn't famous," Wicks says modestly.