Wedding bells will be ringing soon for the newly-engaged Cheyenne Kimball of the group, Gloriana. One tweet from her now-fiance, Nashville singer-songwriter Casey Twist, set the news wires ablaze when he revealed the two will be tying the knot.

"I know a certain CHEYENNE who is soon to be the future MRS. TWIST. We are engaged! Love that girl!!," Casey tweeted last week. While reports circulated, nothing was confirmed until Cheyenne took to the band's Twitter account on Thursday to address the news. "Rumors are true! Casey Twist and I are engaged! He's the best!"

The Boot caught up with the group Thursday night at their record label to get the real story. Sorry, guys -- it is true! "It's really new, and yeah, I am engaged to Casey Twist, so my last name will be Twist when I get married, because I plan on changing it," Cheyenne states. "I'm old-fashioned like that. He's wonderful. I just spent my vacation with him in Arkansas with his family. He's got two kids, and I got to spend time with them, so it was really fun. He's a wonderful guy, and I love him a lot."

Cheyenne's Gloriana bandmates have been lovingly hazing her about the nuptials. Tom Gossin asked if they could play at the wedding. While Cheyenne took all the teasing in stride, none of the suggestions seemed to appeal to her at all. However, when asked about her plans, she knows she wants it to be an intimate affair. "All I know is I don't want it to be really big and extravagant, and I don't want it to be one of those weddings where the girl makes it all about her. I want it to be about he and I, so I've made it a point to ask his opinions on when he wants it to be and things like that. We haven't even set a date yet. It could be two years from now, for all I know, with the schedule that I have. But I'm happy just to be engaged, honestly. I'm madly in love with him, and it's just nice to be able to find someone that -- you hear about it all the time -- but it's great to actually find that person."

"She's in a really good place," says Tom, while his brother Mike Gossin agrees, adding, "He's a great guy. He really is."

There is definitely something in the water with all of the engagements and weddings taking place this year -- Carrie Underwood tied the knot with NHL Hockey star Mike Fisher this summer; while Miranda Lambert and Kellie Pickler are currently planning their respective weddings. Naturally, we asked the rest of the group if they're next in line. Rachel Reinart stated, "They're all blonde!," deflecting us swiftly with the fact that she is a brunette. So, we pointedly asked Mike, the other blond in the group, if he was going to get engaged any time soon, to which he replied, "Next question." Tom exclaimed that he planned on getting a hip replacement first (which was subtle way of saying both events are still quite a few years away for him).

The group, who just teamed up with Quaker Chewey Granola Bars to help support their Afterschool Rocks campaign, is getting ready to head into the studio next week to begin recording their sophomore album. Their 2009 hit single, 'Wild at Heart,' has been certified gold.