Chase Rice accomplished plenty in 2013. He helped pen Florida Georgia Line's multi-platinum smash hit, 'Cruise,' and released his own EP, 'Ready, Set, Roll,' which quickly landed in the Top 5.

But the singer-songwriter says that he has even bigger goals for himself in 2014.

"I’d love to have my own No. 1 as an artist, as far as music goes," Rice tells Roughstock. "I’ve had it as a writer now, and I’d like to have it as an artist. Simple as that. I think 'Ready Set Roll' can do it. I don’t know what country radio is going to do with it. I have no idea. But I know they’ve taken it in so far and it’s been a solid start. It may take all year to get there, but I’d like to hang on to 'Ready Set Roll' and get it up in front of everyone else."

The 27-year-old has already had a head start in becoming a household name. He competed in 'Survivor: Nicaragua' in 2010, coming in second place. While he didn't win the million dollar grand prize, he did get the chance to perform his single, 'Buzz Back,' on one of the most-watched shows of the season. But he insists it's hard work, and not his moment of fame, that will propel him forward.

“They’re gonna sit there and say, ‘You were on ‘Survivor?’ OK, can you sing? Can you write?’ That’s all they care about," he says. “That’s fine with me, cause I know the big time guys in the music industry -- Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, all those guys -- they got there by fighting to get there. I’m fine with doing that.”

Rice says he also looks to artists like the Zac Brown Band to give him inspiration to keep working as hard as he can.

"It happened with 'Chicken Fried,'" he notes. "It can happen. We are the underdogs, but I like that role."

Rice will spend much of the new year on the road, including stops in Florida, Ohio and Michigan. See all of his upcoming shows here.