The Thanksgiving holiday is when most folks take a moment to be with their families, reflect on what they're most thankful for, cram as much turkey into their bodies as possible and take in football game after football game. Country stars are no exception. Here are some Thanksgiving memories, thoughts and plans from a few of your favorite country artists.

Faith Hill and Tim McGrawTim McGraw explains that his Thanksgiving holiday is just like everybody else's. "It's about family and either going to family's house or having family over at our place," says the star of 'The Blind Side.' "The kids getting to reconnect with aunts and uncles and cousins and friends that sometimes you don't get to connect with unless it's that time of the year. And certainly what it means is giving thanks."

Faith Hill is thankful that she enjoys her family and makes the most out of life. "It's almost like a domino effect. One makes the other better," says the mother of three. "My family, my children make music better for me, you know, make everything better. But it's one thing to have a life and it's another to live it, so and that's something I've learned, it's not something I've always known."

Taylor Swift usually spends every Thanksgiving with her extended family. "They're all on my mom's side and they're all women and they're really loud, they're obnoxiously loud," says Taylor. "And they all have this genetic cackle, and they stand in the kitchen and it's the loudest sound. It like breaks sound barriers. It's like out of a movie."

Lee Ann Womack has only one person she wants to make her Thanksgiving dinner -- her husband Frank Liddell. "He's such an amazing cook. He is my favorite cook, actually, and I've been to a lot of really, really nice restaurants, but he just has a knack for it," says Lee Ann. "It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Frank's cooking. The family always calls and wants to know what he's making. And I make him make out a menu so I can send it to everybody, and it's always very special."

Blake Shelton's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. "To me, it's the most overlooked," says Blake. "I just like it 'cause it's in the fall and it's my favorite weather, and if it's got something to do with food, and I like to eat a lot."

Just like her hit song, 'Blessed,' that's how Martina McBride is feeling these days. She's thankful for the obvious things, "Having daughters and a wonderful husband, and that relationship that has grown and matured and deepened and strengthened over the years, and I feel, to use the word, blessed to have that."