Cassadee Pope became the Season 3 winner of the 'The Voice' as a member of Blake Shelton's team in 2012. The Florida native worked hard, singing her heart out week after week in front of millions of fans, which is why she finds the rumors that the competition is rigged absurd.

The NY Daily News alleges that the contract each contestant signs stipulates, among other things, they can be sued for up to $1 million if they spill any of the secrets on the show, including that executives can change the rules at any time or ignore voting results. Pope says the claims are completely false.

"I think that's a rumor, or maybe they messed with the contracts since I've been on, but I definitely didn't see that with mine. You do have to sign a contract though," she tells Connecticut radio station 92.5.

"If there's anything crazy that happens, I didn't see it," she continues. "And I didn't really hear anything, 'cause rumors get around so quickly. It's like high school when you do one of those shows. But they're so, so honest, and really, really raw. They care about us, and treat us like respected artists, so I can't say enough good things about that show."

The 24-year-old released her debut album, 'Frame by Frame,' last year, which soared to the top of the charts. But while Pope is thrilled with her success, she admits there are a few pitfalls to her newfound fame as well.

“What’s surprised me about this period is definitely how closely I’m being looked at,” she acknowledges. “And it goes from my outfit to what I say to maybe how I interact with fans. Everything is just being picked apart by everybody, and a lot of times, it’s great and people realize I’m just a normal person who loves music and this is what I’m meant to do.”

Pope has a series of solo shows scheduled over the next few weeks, before she joins Tim McGraw on his Sundown Heaven Town 2014 Tour later this year. See all of her upcoming shows here.