Americana folk singer-songwriter Cashavelly Morrison is debuting a haunting and raw music video for "Pink Dress" exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Morrison, who hails from West Virginia, has a voice that is at once fragile and vulnerable, yet also strong and sure. In "Pink Dress," Morrison sings wistfully of a brier-filled trail, and the song features telling lyrics such as, "I'd been there once before / With my first lover / Where we made a bed of thorns / And I've been finding them since we've been over."

The "Pink Dress" music video was created by Celia Rowlson-Hall, who was named one of 2015's 25 new faces of independent film by Filmmaker Magazine and has worked with Lena Dunham on Girls and on MTV VMA-winning videos for MGMT, Chromeo and Sleigh Bells. The clip features Mary Jane Ward, and while the treatment is incredibly simple -- Ward unravels her long blond braids and proceeds to hack off her locks -- it fits perfectly with the simplicity of the song itself. The result is unsettling, yet freeing ... and leaves much to the viewer's interpretation.

"Pink Dress," and all of the songs from Morrison's forthcoming LP, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, are borne from "an exploration of shared grief and emphasize universal compassion for those who go unheard and unseen." The singer shows raw emotion as she traverses through haunting memories of her childhood in the South as well as her recent grief over losing a child through a miscarriage, and she explores deeply held values, including racial prejudices in the U.S. and equal rights and empowerment for women.

The Kingdom Belongs to a Child is scheduled for release on Oct. 30. More information about Morrison and the album can be found at