Carrie Underwood's 'Temporary Home' lands at the top of both the Billboard and the Mediabase/Country Aircheck country charts this week. The song is her ninth No. 1 single and the second chart-topper from her album, 'Play On.'

The Checotah, Okla. native co-wrote 'Temporary Home' with Luke Laird and Zac Maloy, and the idea for the song came to her in a flash. "It just hit me like a ton of bricks, just a flood of words and stories," Carrie tells The Boot. "And all of a sudden, I thought of a little boy in a foster situation, and he knows where he's going. And the place where he is isn't where he should be, but he'll get there someday. So in the meantime, he's just walking through this space. And then the next story was, of course, about a young mom who was in a halfway house situation, really struggling, really trying, still confident that she wasn't where she belonged, but she was headed there."

The third verse of the touching tune is about a man who was preparing to die. "He's on the way to where he's going, he's on his way to heaven. He's on the way to be with God, and everything that he's lived through was wonderful, but this earth was just his temporary home," explains Carrie. "And when I went in and started talking to [the co-writers] about it, they were all about it. So, it came together pretty quickly ... three different situations, but still very positive that they're confident where they're headed and where they've been, and they're happy about where they're going."

The superstar, whose fiancé Mike Fisher suggested the title for the song, has known Luke for years, but just met Zac the day before they wrote 'Temporary Home.' "[I] had gotten to know him enough to know that everything was right and all the pieces of the puzzle were there. It all came together, and it was definitely one of the first ones where we said this one is definitely going on the album. End of story."

Carrie, who appears on the cover of the April issue of Allure magazine, will make Rochester, N.Y. her 'temporary home' when she performs there on Wednesday (March 31).