Carrie Underwood's fans have been waiting since May to hear her sing the theme song to 'Sunday Night Football.' They got their wish on Sunday night, (Sept. 8), when the superstar kicked off the 2013 season with 'Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.'

Sunday night's game between New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys opened with mock Underwood concert footage that featured NFL players -- including Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers -- along with Underwood belting out the iconic song in a bold new arrangement that was slightly different than Faith Hill's previous take on it.

‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night’ serves to kick off every Sunday night NFL game. Hill originally recorded the song — which is musically based on the Joan Jett classic ‘I Hate Myself for Loving You’ — in 2007, taking over from pop singer Pink. She announced in April that she was stepping down from her role as the voice of ‘Sunday Night Football.’ NBC named Underwood as her replacement in May.

“For me, to have that opportunity and to follow in her footsteps and do something really cool like that, it sounded like fun, you know?” Underwood said in July. “This is something that’s been a part of our household for a while now, and to be a part of that is exciting."