Since tying the knot in July, Carrie Underwood and her new husband, Mike Fisher, have been fielding a lot of questions about when they will expand their family. Well, the new bride revealed to Nashville's WSIX radio station that she already has a plan in motion.

"I made a pregnancy pact with a few of my female friends," Carrie told radio host Gerry House. "[We] are going to try to have children around the same time. That way we can babysit each other's kids and they can grow up to be friends."

Carrie graces the cover of the latest People Country and tells the magazine about her new role as a wife. She says finding Mike has been one of her biggest blessings. "If you have 999 pieces of a beautiful puzzle, it can look great, but if there's one piece missing, you know it," she says. "He completes me. He's a people person, and I'm not. I get nervous around people. I'm a wallflower. He's thoughtful and knows how to talk to people and make them feel special. I'm trying to pick up on that a little bit. He makes me a better person."

Carrie also likens marriage to a security blanket. "Knowing that somebody's there ... whether I have the best day or if something bad happens, he's the first person I call."

Mike was also the first person she called to star in her latest video for 'Mama's Song,' recruiting her hubby to play the role of ... well, himself! "At this point in my life, it would be weird to have a 'rent-a-husband' and be snuggling up to some guy I don't know," Carrie explains.

Mrs. Fisher is currently in the midst of the second leg of her Play On tour, with special guests Sons of Sylvia and Billy Currington. For a complete list of dates, click here.

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