Carrie Underwood may be happy singing on stage in short shorts and sexy tops, but the former 'American Idol' champ says she prefers to keep a little more to the imagination when she's not performing.

"I love things that make me feel comfortable but aren't too tight or showing too much cleavage," she tells InStyle magazine.

The Oklahoma native, who graces the magazine's cover this month, says she is perfectly content -- and confident -- with her more conservative approach in her wardrobe. "I can be sexy and still be classy," she maintains. "I don't do outrageous outfits, and I never will."

The country superstar has spent much of the last five years under the public's watchful eye, and like other celebrities, has endured plenty of criticism of her style choices. But now, Carrie says she is no longer concerned with what other people think of her outfits. "Fashion, to me, is what makes you feel awesome," she explains. "I used to think, 'I don't want anyone to say bad things about me.' But now it just makes me mad to see someone blasted for what she wore."

Recently married to professional hockey player Mike Fisher, the newlywed also tells the magazine that she hopes to someday add to their family unit -- but not any time soon. "Oh, it's going to be a while," she dishes (quote via Country Music is Love). "The other night Mike was with some friends and their kids, and he sent me a funny text saying, 'Watching my friend's kids ... Let's wait a while.'"

Already a devoted mom to her rat terrier, Ace, Carrie admits she is a little skeptical about her abilities with children of her own. "I didn't grow up around kids, and I hope those motherly instincts are in me. I'm sure they are, but I don't know what to talk about with a 4-year-old!"

Whether or not they choose to have children anytime soon, the 27-year old can always count on her husband for support.. "He's a good person," Carrie tells The Boot. "I've felt myself grow with him. He's one of those certain people in your life you come across for a reason ... He's been a really positive influence on my life."

Carrie will wrap up her Play On tour in December and then begin working on a new album. In addition, moviegoers can hear her on the last song of the upcoming flick, 'Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.'

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