Brooks and DunnBrooks & Dunn are calling it quits after almost 20 years together, and they are doing all they can to make sure their final concert is one to be remembered.

The duo, joined by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum director Kyle Young, announced today that they are adding one final show to their Last Rodeo farewell tour, with all concert proceeds benefiting the famous museum.

"This is kind of embarrassing," Kix joked to the crowd upon taking the stage. "Brett Favre is a really good friend of ours and we've been hanging out talking to him, and we actually have decided not to quit," he deadpanned, then using the opportunity to clear up a misconception: "Quit saying we're retiring! We're still healthy and 'We're not quitting, we're splitting,' is our code word."

Getting serious, Kix shared the announcement that has had the music industry on the edge of their seats. "We are going to do a tour that we're really excited about, and we wanted to go out and make sure we said goodbye to the people that have given us this wonderful ride, and make sure if anybody wants to come party with us one last time [they] would get the opportunity. And we have our dear friend [Kyle Young] here because for several years, Ronnie and I have been trying to figure out a way to do something cool for the Country Music Hall of Fame. It is not lost on us that a lot of people were driving around in station wagons for a lot of years with their instruments strapped on top of their cars and taking turns so that Ronnie and I have the ability to drive around in really sexy tour buses and an occasional jet, and we wanted to do something really special to give back. As fate would have it we are going to do this Last Rodeo tour, our final goodbye. So really, the announcement we want to make is, our final show is going to be in Nashville on August 10, and we've got some good friends that have been on tour with us that are going to come out and help us out, and that announcement will be made later. But all the money from that show -- and we hope it's going to be a big blow-out -- we're going to donate to the Country Music Hall of Fame."

"We're really proud of the Hall of Fame and everything it stands for," Ronnie continued. "We think it's really cool that we have it here in Nashville, and we're really proud of the heritage and everything that comes with it."

Kix and Ronnie, who both say they are at peace with the split, received the Lifetime Achievement Award during this week's annual Country Radio Seminar. Their farewell tour kicks off April 23, with Jason Aldean as the opening act. Click here for tour dates.