Brooke Hogan might be best known as the daughter of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and a reality TV show star (Hogan Knows Best, Brooke Knows Best), but she has also dabbled in music. After releasing two pop albums, 2006's Undiscovered and 2009's The Redemption, the 27-year-old says that she has moved to Nashville to work on a new project.

"I’m doing a country album," Hogan tells The Boot. "It comes as a shock, but I actually did a country album way back in the day with a guy named Lou Pearlman in Orlando, Fla., who did the Backstreet Boys. I think now he’s in jail, but that album never came out because he was in jail. I was signed with him when all of that went down."

Hogan says that she spent a few years figuring out which direction she wanted to take her career before deciding to focus on country.

"I got swept up in the pop game because that was the most popular thing, and then kind of transitioned to hip-hop and R&B with a guy named Scott Storch, and did TV for so long," Hogan explains. "I needed to stop, redirect everything, reinvent, take a break, be normal for a minute.

"So I moved to Nashville four years ago, and I’ve been writing with everybody here, earning my stripes," she adds. "It has not been easy, but it has been fun. I’ve made amazing friends, and I want to stay here forever. I love this place."

Although Hogan is happily ensconced in the country music genre, she maintains that her new record will have a little something for everyone.

"I would say it’s a mixture of everything I grew up on," Hogan says. "I’m from Clearwater, Fla., so I’m a beach bum. I used to listen to Sublime, things like that. But my mom used to listen to Carly Simon and Loretta Lynn, my dad used to listen to Mother’s Finest and AC/DC.

"I’m a fan of the current country now, so I would say it’s 'bra-country' instead of 'bro-country,' mixed with my training in pop writing," she continues. "Pop is great because the melodies and the lyrics have to be really catchy and meaningful, so I feel like it’s all of my experiences bottled into one new product. I think it’s like nothing I’ve ever really heard before. It’s uniquely me."

There is no word yet on a release date for Hogan's country project, but she recently released a single, "Girlfriend," that is available for download on iTunes. She is also working on another project that will be her return to the small screen.

"I’m actually working on a TV show right now, and it’s here in Nashville," Hogan says. "I guess it’s hooky, the fact that Brooke Hogan, who is so Miami, has moved to Nashville. It's not cheesy reality. More documentary style."

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