Opening their sixth hosting gig at the 2013 Country Music Awards, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood stuck to their roots with a mix of music and jokes, and hit a home run in the process.

The routine began with the two joking about all the feuding that's been taking place in the entertainment industry recently.

"Even in country music it seems that feuding is all the rage," Underwood said. "Feuding, feuding, feuding," Paisley added before the duo busted into a comical version of 'Why Can't We Be Friends,' calling out Zac Brown and Luke Bryan's recent feud while the headline-making artists joined each other for a front-row hug.

Paisley and Underwood then moved on to poking fun at Obama's Affordable Care Act and the issues that the website has been having.

"Obamacare by morning. Why's this taking so long? I'm going to wind up with hemorrhoids if I sit here too long ... Obama care by morning. Over six people served," the duo sang, mimicking George Strait's 'Amarillo by Morning' while sitting at a laptop, trying to access the site.

Of course, no recent awards show is complete without a poke at Miley Cyrus' recent tabloid headlines. "If someone in our industry was going to get caught licking a hammer, we all thought it'd be Blake Shelton," Underwood joked.

The routine ended with a fun mixture of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' with the vocals changed to honor 'Duck Dynasty' and introduce some of the show's cast to announce the first award, for Single of the Year.