Blake Shelton fans: prepare to go through withdrawal. The relentless Tweeter tells The Boot that it may be time for another hiatus from Twitter.

"I've probably got another delete period coming up," Blake says. "Probably deer season." Taking a break, he says, will give him time "to gather some new sick jokes to tell people."

Deer season starts the Saturday before Thanksgiving in Blake's native Oklahoma, but so far, the singer shows no sign of abandoning his near constant stream of comments on Twitter, which range from detailing his recent activities to sex advice filed under "Lust Lessons." Example of a recent Tweet?: "Awake...Vomit...Bleeding... Tylenal [sic] PM ... Visine ... ... Sleep ..."

Blake admits the performance pressure gets to him. "I'll wake up in the mornings and see what time it is and grab my phone and push the Twitter button on my phone, and people will already be writing on there, 'C'mon, write something! Don't be a jackass!' And then I'm going, 'Alright, let me think for a minute. Did I throw up? I threw up in my bed. I'll write that. They'll think that's funny.'"

Should Blake take a break, it won't be his first. He took some time off earlier this year for three months. "It was just wearing me out to try to think of stuff all the time," he says. However, his label convinced him to get back on to promote his Academy of Country Music Award nominations ... and he happily obliged.

One factor in fans' favor against the threat of temporary stoppage? Blake has a forthcoming greatest hits set to promote, 'Loaded: The Best of Blake Shelton.' However, with a November 9 release date on the set, Shelton's promotional duties may be over by hunting season.

Watch Blake perform live in our studio below.