Blake Shelton and Keith Urban have more than just their successful country music careers in common. They both work on reality TV talent shows -- 'The Voice' and 'American Idol' respectively. Now the two men are engaging in a funny "feud."

Urban also has a duet out, 'We Were Us,' with Shelton's wife, Miranda Lambert, which started the playful fight between the two men -- but Shelton says he isn't worried about whatever the Aussie might dish out.

“You know why I am not afraid?” Shelton asks Access Hollywood. “If you've ever seen him perform, he really gets into it. I think he would get tangled up in his own hair. Like, you can see Keith Urban if he got real mad and he was flailing around like he does? You know his hair would get in his face and mouth -- he’d be doing all that stuff. You’d clear a good smack in there or I’d just walk away.”

The Oklahoma native added that Urban wouldn't have enough money to hire a hit man, even if he wanted to. But regardless of Shelton's feelings, he says he will force himself to play nice with Urban for the time being.

"I've got to get along with Keith 'til the next few months," he concedes, referring back to the alleged incident that started their playful feud. "He has a duet out with my wife, which, that song is awesome. Because I'm insanely jealous, and I'm going into a jealous rage over it."

'The Voice' airs on Monday nights at 9PM ET, and Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC. 'American Idol' will kick off its 13th season in January.