Blake Shelton has responded to tabloid reports that his drinking has led to heart problems. In a good-natured post to Twitter, the 'Sure Be Cool if You Did' singer called the new claims "ridiculous."

Shelton and his wife, fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert, have been the target of rampant tabloid speculation since they married, with various reports alternately claiming that they are divorcing or that she is pregnant. Much of the focus of those stories has been on Shelton's alleged womanizing and his drinking -- which he often responds to via social media.

The latest story from the National Enquirer quotes an unnamed "source" as saying Shelton recently "went to bed after a wild night of downing tequila, beer and tubs of fried chicken and woke up in the middle of the night with searing pain shooting from his chest through his arms.”

The tabloid further alleges that Shelton was “gasping for air for a few minutes before he finally pulled himself together," adding, “He called Miranda, who’s been on tour, and she told him to rush to an emergency room.”

The report says Shelton decided it was just indigestion, but felt it was a "wake up call."

Celebrity news site Gossip Cop claims to have spoken to another (also unnamed) source, who allegedly told them the scare never happened.