Blake Shelton, Chely WrightBlake Shelton's tweets have once again landed the outspoken singer in hot water, with his Twitter followers weighing in on his late-night tweet about fellow country artist Chely Wright, whose recent revelation that she is a lesbian prompted him to comment: "Sooo..... Chely Wright just came out. Guess this opens the door... I Blake Shelton am a lesbian."

Even though Blake assured his Twitter followers he was complimenting the singer, prompting others to weigh in that Blake meant no harm with his comment, the exchanges have continued, with some becoming antagonistic and/or vulgar, while other Blake "followers" simply decided to "un-follow" the singer.

"Haters.. When I say someone is HOT it's actually a complement... Get it?" Blake wrote in response to some negative comments. "I don't care if Chely Wright is gay. I think she's hot!!!"

No Twitter reply from Chely herself so far, but among those who reacted negatively to Blake's tweet was recording artist Jann Arden, who tweeted, "Your Chely comment was stupid. Smarten up you dumb ass." That prompted Blake to reply: "Actually my comment was smart. Now go march somewhere else.. Dips---!"

Blake is no stranger to controversial tweets, having waged a war of words with the animal-rights organization PETA on the social-networking site last year. He's also known for posting some of the more humorous tweets such as the recent: "My liver is a fire hazard."

Blake currently has more than 93,000 Twitter followers. He has logged more than 4,000 tweets since he began posting to Twitter.

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