Blake Shelton returned to TV's "Chelsea Lately" for a hilarious (and expletive-heavy) chat with host Chelsea Handler on Tuesday night (Aug. 7), announcing the Oct. 2 release of his new CD, Cheers It's Christmas, and covering other hot topics such as his "The Voice" castmate Christina Aguilera's underwear.

He also addressed whether his wife, Miranda Lambert, is pregnant yet, after nearly 15 months of marriage, and why the upcoming Blake Shelton cruise might not be as awesome as it sounds.

The country superstar greeted the host and audience with an enthusiastic "Son of a b----, it's good to be back here," but immediately wanted to clarify something about his pal Trace Adkins' own appearance on the late-night gabfest.

"[He] said that you you were dogging the hell out of me and you don't love me anymore. Any truth to that?" Blake asked.

"No," Chelsea assured the singer. "I like you because you're a hot mess and you talk and you tweet about how drunk you are all the time, and you tweet about how drunk you think I am. But you're really drunk all the time. I'm not all the time. Have you had a drink today?"

"I'm seriously ... I'm not lying," Blake said. "I've been backstage drinking for about an hour."

Not surprisingly, the comment earned more rousing applause from the audience, causing Blake to note, "This audience is so immature."

When the subject turned to the new holiday-themed album, Chelsea asked, "It's summer, do you know when Christmas is?"

"Hey, listen," Blake replied, "you don't ever have me on the show, I'm gonna take what I can get, damn it!"

Chelsea observed that including a duet on the new album with pop singer Michael Bublé "sounds pretty gay," so the Oklahoma native who now lives in Los Angeles where "The Voice" is taped, offered the tongue-in-cheek explanation, "you gotta free your mind, you gotta broaden your horizons."

It didn't take long for the hot subject of Blake's marriage -- and the even hotter subject of children -- to surface, but Blake assured the host that the couple's careers have put something of a crimp in the amount of time they get to spend together.

Asking, rather incredulously, about the upcoming Blake Shelton Cruise in October, Blake explained, "I'm not driving the boat or anything. I'm just going in there and singing for people."

"But then you're stuck on the boat with all those people," Chelsea said, "And they're stuck on the boat with you. Who's more f---ed?"

Blake is on land for a few more weeks, and has his next concert set for Aug. 16 in Hamburg, NY. Keep track of his tour schedule here.