Blake Shelton will likely not soon forget his 38th birthday. The singer, who celebrated the big day on Wednesday (June 18), spent part of it on the set of the hit NBC TV show, 'The Voice,' where he was filming Season 7. Still, the cast and crew made sure they took time to remember the momentous occasion.

The show's host, Carson Daly, also posted pictures of Shelton surrounded by pictures of himself in various stages of his life, with signs that read "My apologies," "Forgive me," and "I'm sorry."

Shelton's wife, Miranda Lambert, also shared her love for her husband with his more than six and a half million followers.

But perhaps his best birthday gift of all was one from one of Shelton's favorite singers.

After the celebrating, though, it was back to work for Shelton and Adam Levine, who joins Shelton as a returning coach, as well as newcomers Gwen Stefani and Pharrell, who are replacing Shakira and Usher.

"Gosh dang it, man. I'm gonna miss the hell out of Usher and Shakira," Shelton admits (quote via CMT). "As far as Gwen and Pharrell -- I always want to call him 'For Real' -- I've met them, but I can honestly say that outside of a handshake and a 'What's up,' I don't know these people that well."

While the 'My Eyes' singer has been vocal about his belief that the schedule is too grueling for mainstream artists, he says that as long as 'The Voice' is on TV, he will be a part of the show.

"I'm not ever gonna be somebody who does a season of 'The Voice' and then takes one off and then comes back again," he insists. "I love working there. I wanna always do it. There's nowhere to go in television that wouldn't be a step down. It is absolutely the perfect job for somebody like me."

Season 7 of 'The Voice' will premiere on Sept. 22 at 8PM ET.

Shelton is juggling taping 'The Voice' with headlining his Ten Times Crazier Tour, which heads to Texas and Arkansas this weekend. See all of his upcoming shows here.