Billy Currington is somewhat of a health nut, preferring natural foods and beverages over artificial substitutes. Every time he discovers a new health drink or dish, the Georgia native tends to want to recreate it in his own kitchen. In fact, a few months ago, he was making his own coconut water, and now he has started brewing a whole new concoction.

"I've been making my own tea," Billy tells The Boot. "I've found all these flowers from the islands down there, so I started ordering them. They're different kinds, and [you] dry them out and use honey and these flowers and spring water, and so I've been making my own tea. [laughs] It's pretty good, too! Anything that seems kind of healthy, I always go for that over the rest. I'm weird. [laughs]"

The island-loving singer's tea includes rose hips, hibiscus and numerous other flowers ground together to make a unique blend of the refreshing beverage, which we feel he should start marketing to natural food stores!

In addition to his tea-making, Billy has also been extremely busy making his new album, 'Enjoy Yourself,' which drops this week. It features the current hit, 'Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer.' And though he delivers the song with a whole lot of heart, Billy does in fact prefer his homemade sippers to suds.

"I don't really drink a lot of beer, to be honest," he admits. "When I do, I like weird beers. I like to mix it up. I go from a Blue Moon to that dark beer, Guinness, to a Budweiser back to a Pabst Blue Ribbon, whatever. I don't care. [laughs] I don't drink enough to care."

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