Billy Currington is the defendant in a new lawsuit filed by the Georgia boat captain who brought criminal charges against him in 2013.

The Savannah Morning News reports that 70 year-old Charles Harvey Ferrelle III filed suit against Currington in Chatham County State Court on Tuesday (May 6), seeking damages related to an incident that took place near the 'Hey Girl' singer's residence at Tybee Island in April of 2013.

Ferrelle was conducting a chartered tour when his boat passed close by Currington's dock and caused a strong wake. The singer then followed Ferrelle and his passengers in his own boat, and reportedly threatened him by saying, “I am going to f— you up,” and that he would “finish him off.”

Video and pictures seized from Currington’s camera reportedly confirmed Ferrelle’s version of events. Currington told investigators that his celebrity status attracts gawkers and tourists at his home on a regular basis, and that he thought Ferrelle was conducting a tour of his home. The captain -- who runs an ecological tour -- said he and his passengers had no idea who the singer was at the time.

In a plea bargain, Currington pleaded no contest in September of 2013 to a charge of abuse of an elderly person in exchange for a sentence of five years of probation and a $1,000 fine. He was also ordered to undergo anger management counseling and have no contact with Ferrelle. Ferrelle and Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg McConnell objected to the agreement.

Ferrelle's lawsuit hinges on a post titled 'Georgia Town' Currington made on his website on Sept. 25, 2013. The suit alleges Currington "mocked, derided and libeled" Ferrelle by referring to the captain as “baiting” him,  saying he “ran like a scared rabbit on dry land,” and was “hallucinating” and “talking to himself.”

The suit further claims that Currington's behavior placed Ferrelle “in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury” and “caused severe emotional distress.”

Ferrelle is asking for a jury to determine damages. Currington has not commented publicly on the lawsuit.