Billy Currington has been on the road with Carrie Underwood this fall, and it has been a pretty quiet and non-eventful tour without any crazy antics so far.

What hasn't been quiet on the tour is Carrie's rat terrier, Ace. The two country artists are carrying along their four-legged companions on the road, and Billy reports the first meeting between Ace and his four-year-old chocolate Lab, Paco, was less than successful.

"They met [laughs]. It didn't go too good," Billy laughingly tells The Boot. "It was a two-second meeting. She was actually holding her dog, and it was yapping, and Paco was just kind of looking at it like, 'Whoa! What's wrong here?' So, they never got a meeting on the ground together, but they eventually will ... maybe."

Other than the meeting of the dogs, there really haven't been many stories from the road, however, that could change if Billy has his way. "It's so new," Billy says. "Her tour is pretty quiet, pretty calm. It's not like a Brad Paisley tour where people are playing pranks all the time, or a Kenny Chesney tour where it's crazy everywhere. So, I don't know if anything will happen. That's yet to see. We may have to create something. [laughs]"

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