John Rich, once best known as half of the award-winning duo Big & Rich, has had plenty of time to pursue his own solo career and other endeavors, since the pair haven't released a studio album since 2007. Disputing rumors of a break-up last year, John now admits he is unsure if the two will ever reunite.

"I'm hoping so," the music mogul told Nashville radio station WSIX. "Kenny's been out all over the world, and honestly if you asked me where he's at right this second, I wouldn't know. He could be in Africa, he could be in Haiti, he could be on the road. He's definitely charting a Big Kenny course that he's been wanting to do for a long time, as far as the kinds of songs he wants to record and the things he wants to do with his life and things he wants to say. And he's out there doing it. But of course, I would love to cut another Big & Rich record someday and get out there and give them another dose of a Big & Rich time."

Once close friends as well as musical partners, John admits there has been a shift in their relationship, and that the two haven't even seen each other in a few months. "I [last] saw Big Kenny at the ACM Awards," John says. "He's out on the road and I'm out on the road. We're all over the place right now."

In addition to focusing much of his energy on humanitarian efforts, Big Kenny has also released a solo project and started his own company. John, who released his own solo album last year, 'Son of a Preacher Man,' is now working on another CD, with the first single, 'Country Done Come to Town' already hitting the airwaves. Since both of their careers seem to be flourishing on their own, John says it would have to be the right situation for them to join forces again.

"Big & Rich is an interesting equation of creativity," John admits. "Anybody that knows the two of us well knows that these are two really different from each other kind of guys and on the creative end, same deal. So for it to be right to make a Big & Rich record, both of our heads definitely have to be in the space to want to sit down and do that specific kind of music."

John and Big Kenny might be able to find time to reconnect this week, during CMA Music Fest. John can be found on Thursday, June 10, at the National Rifle Association's first annual charity sporting event, hosted by label-mate Blake Shelton. And on Saturday, June 12, Big Kenny will perform on the Riverfront Stages, along with Chris Young, Joe Nichols and Gloriana.

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