Cheers-worthy lines: "Well I'm an eight-ball-shooting, double-fisted-drinking son of a gun / I wear my jeans a little tight / Just to watch the little boys come undone / I'm here for the beer and the ball-busting band / Gonna get a little crazy just because I can."

As the title track for Gretchen Wilson's Here for the Party record, this song makes no apologies for acting just as naughty as the boys ... if not naughtier. She's a straight-shooter in the track, and if anyone's ready for the party, it's the singer. Wilson is, in every way, here for the party.

"I may not be a ten / But the boys say I clean up good / And if I gave 'em half a chance for some rowdy romance / You know they would," she sings slyly. We can practically see her walking into the party with tight jeans, smokey eyes and a penchant for some beer -- a whole lot of beer.

It's not a song that many women in country would sing, but it fits Wilson perfectly. She's not afraid to get a little redneck; after all, she's a 'redneck woman.'

Wilson wrote this song with Big Kenny and John Rich of Big & Rich and the offering was her second chart entry on the country charts. It has been certified Gold by the RIAA.