Songwriters typically sit behind the scenes of the country music industry, but at this years' Nashville Film Festival, one documentary is celebrating Jimbeau Hinson's four decades of contribution to the genre.

'Beautiful Jim' will be premiering at the festival on Saturday, April 19. The documentary delves into Hinson's life and career over the last forty years. Hinson is known for writing hits for a long list of artists including David Lee Murphy, Brenda Lee, Patty Loveless, Steve Earle and the Oak Ridge Boys.

The film also focuses on the 62-year-old's life as an open, formerly active, bisexual man, as well as his diagnosis with HIV. Hinson speaks openly about how the illness has made an imprint on his life, keeping the diagnosis a secret for over a decade. He beat the odds twice after coming close to dying from the AIDS virus, but he is now considered HIV-undetectable. The songwriter has been married to his with Brenda for 34 years, and they talk in the film about facing some of life's toughest challenges together.

"I'm just so grateful I'm still here to talk and sing about my experiences," Hinson says. "Hopefully, people will hear and see themselves in my music and my life ... to know they are not alone ... that we are all in this together."

The documentary was directed and produced by Rex Jones of the Southern Documentary Project at the University of Mississippi, with the Center for the Study of Southern Culture.

'Beautiful Jim' will be playing Saturday, April 19, at 6PM/CT at the Green Hills Regal Cinemas in Nashville. Hinson will be performing a concert with special guests on April 20 at the Listening Room to celebrate the release.

Watch the 'Beautiful Jim' Trailer