Anthony Smith boasts songwriting credits on albums by the likes of Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Trace Adkins, Rascal Flatts and many more of country's biggest stars. But he's also a star in his own right, as the East Tennessee native is making his solo comeback with the new album, 'Sunshine,' on the newly-formed Stroudavarious record label.

"I have recorded something very special, and did so all in a very unique way. To explain that, I will have to take you back about a year and a half," Anthony writes on his website. "It all started when [producer/record label head] James Stroud and I were standing in the studio and he stuck out his hand and said, 'Anthony, I want to give you a record contract ... and here's the deal -- I want you to imagine your dream record, imagine an unlimited budget, then go make that record.' At that very moment it was on like Donkey Kong! What he had just said was a dream come true and the only reason I was in Nashville to begin with. I wasn't interested in making records, but in making masterpieces -- total works of art, like the kind that inspired me to play guitar and write songs as a kid. Well, fast forward to the present and, ladies and gentlemen, I think I have made that dream record!"

Anthony's first single from 'Sunshine' is 'Bringin' Back the Sunshine.' Its video (below) stars Derek Phillips from the TV drama, 'Friday Night Lights,' and Danielle Rene, who stars alongside Sean Penn and Brad Pitt in the upcoming movie, 'Tree of Life.'

Anthony's 'Sunshine' EP, featuring three songs, is available here. The full album is expected later this year.

Anthony Smith - 'Bringin' Back the Sunshine' Video