Alan Jackson's newest song, "You Can Always Come Home," is in honor of his three daughters, and the lyric video features photographs of the singer, his wife and family.

The lyric video shows a young woman packing up boxes, on which the lyrics appear, scrawled in Sharpie. As she unpacks in her new home, she hangs up photographs of the Jackson family, giving fans a look at the country icon's personal photographs and happy times.

"Spread your wings, don't be afraid to try / The world can be hard, you gotta live a little before you die," Jackson sings. The chorus sweetly states, "You can always come home / Wherever life's road leads, you can get back / To a love that's strong and free / You never be alone, in your heart there's still a place / No matter how right or wrong you've gone / You can always come home."

The lyrics to "You Can Always Come Home" are sentimental, and though they're written with Jackson's daughters Mattie, Ali and Dani in mind, they can be applied to any listener spreading their wings.

"Ali, my middle daughter, moved out to California last fall, and that’s when I wrote it,” the singer-songwriter explains.

The song evokes memories in Jackson himself, of when he moved to Music City.

“It reminded me of when I moved to Nashville and didn’t know anybody," he recalls. "I’d call my folks at home. My mama and daddy were supportive even though they were worried about me coming up here. My daddy said, ‘You can always come home. If it doesn’t work out, you can always come home.’ I’ve always remembered that.”

"You Can Always Come Home" is from Jackson's 15th studio albumAngels and Alcohol. The record debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 all-genre chart.

“When you’re a parent, if you have kids, [no matter] how old they are, you’re always going to take them in and take care of them, or whatever, so they always feel like they have a net,” Jackson adds. “And so, when Ali left to go out there, I wrote this song, and that’s kind of what it’s about, really.”

Angels and Alcohol is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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