Adam Gregory is taking the opportunity to let his music and his faith work together in the upcoming movie, 'WWJD.' The singer says the two are closely intertwined, making the movie a perfect mesh for him.

"I feel truly blessed for an opportunity where I can incorporate both into a project that serves a bigger purpose and will hopefully reach millions of others," he says.

The film is based on the Charles Sheldon book, 'In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do,' which, with 40 million copies sold, is the second best-selling book in the world, next to The Bible. Adam portrays a singer in the film. The song, 'What Would Jesus Do,' from his album 'Crazy Days,' will also be featured in the movie. Ironically, Adam had recorded that tune before he ever heard about the movie!

This is not Adam's first acting gig. Prior to moving to the states from Canada, the singer played the role of 'Albert' in the comedy 'Sharp as Marbles,' which was released on DVD internationally following rave reviews at various film festivals.

Adam joins co-stars John Schneider and Maxine Bahns in 'WWJD.' The film follows four people -- a singer, a newspaper editor, a wealthy philanthropist and a minister who has lost his faith -- after each vow to walk in the steps of Jesus. As they go through their daily routines, each will make every decision after asking themselves the question "What would Jesus do?" Filming begins in Los Angeles this week.