Artist: Adam Brand

Sounds Like: Randy Rogers Band, Tim McGraw

Hometown: Perth, Australia

Current Single: 'Ready for Love'

[Watch the video below.]

Why We Dig Him: Adam's time on last year's Australian version of 'Dancing With the Stars' proves why he just might be the best Aussie import since Keith Urban. Not only did he show off his vocal prowess when he sang 'Ready for Love,' on the show, but his down-home persona won many viewer votes and hearts -- including that of dance partner Jade Hatcher, who is now his wife.

Adam may hail from Australia but his rough, gritty voice sounds like it came right out of Texas. That's not to say his delivery isn't smooth at times and crisp at others. What makes Adam stand out from the pack, though, is that he's not afraid to allow his vocals to veer into emotive gruffness at times. It's that genuine, less than finely tuned nuance that sets him apart from the pack.

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