Singer-songwriter Trevor Brooks is giving The Boot's readers an exclusive first listen to his debut single, "Talk Me Out of Her."

Brooks is someone we could get used to hearing: His vocals are warm and inviting as, in this particular song, he earnestly sings about a girl that he wants -- but he knows she's not what he needs. Instead, he begs listeners to, as the title suggests, "talk me out of her."

The first verse begins by setting up the problem: "I've got a million stupid reasons why / I should be out with my friends / And I got people talking left and right / But I ain't listening," Brooks sings, "'Cause I got a million stupid reasons why / I should be with her instead."

Then, he adds, "I need something strong / To get my mind off this / I need you to talk / I need you to yell / Whatever you do / I'm gonna need you to help.

"Would you talk me out of her / Talk me out of leaving?" Brooks asks.

Brooks, a native of Waxahachie, Texas, expects to release an EP, Lonely at Its Finest, this summer. The project was recorded in Nashville at Alive Studios and will include "Talk Me Out of Her."

“Each song is a true story of past relationships and friendships, and each story molded this album," Brooks reveals. "When it comes to relationships, I feel as if I’ve been told ‘no’ a lot -- at least, that’s the part that I remember. I tend to remember the ‘no’s and the leaving parts more than anything.“

Brooks has lived in Nashville for two and a half years, after getting the itch to move there when his aunt brought him to Music City for his 19th birthday. When he moved, Brooks had a notebook filled with lyrics but had never actually written a song. Obviously, that changed.

"Talk Me Out of Her" is available on iTunes.

Listen to Trevor Brooks, "Talk Me Out of Her":

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