Todd Grebe & Cold Country's new record Citizen will be available on April 23, but they are giving The Boot's readers an early preview with the premiere of the track "Box of Wine."

"Box of Wine" is a fun, foot-stomping, dance-worthy type of song with sly lyrics about a lover who starts having a real good time when you get her around the titular box of wine: "You can hear her squeal from across the room / She seems innocent / That you might assume / But you better watch out when she's in the wine / 'Cause my little bitty baby / She has a real big time," sings Grebe.

The tune is just one example of the clever wordplay that Grebe and his band have to offer. Many of the record's 12 tracks are filled with this type of lyrical entertainment, while others, like "More Than a Love Song" and "Living a Lie," are poignant and dig a little deeper.

Songwriter Grebe; his wife, Angela Oudean; and three other guys — Andy King, Nathan May and Conor McManamin — make up the band; Grebe and Oudean used to be part of the popular bluegrass band Bearfoot. Todd Grebe & Cold Country draw their inspiration from the roots of country and honky-tonk, but they aren't making the circuit down Nashville's Broadway; rather, they live in Alaska.

The quintet recorded Citizen at the Butcher Shoppe studio in Nashville and worked with engineer David Ferguson, famous for his work with Johnny Cash. Notable artists also in the mix included pedal steel wizard Steve Hinson (George Jones), renowned session pianist Jimmy Wallace and guitarist Megan McCormick (Jenny Lewis).

Listen to Todd Grebe & Cold Country, "Box of Wine":

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